Warning, the first version of the Windows 10 1809 update is full of bugs

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On Tuesday, October 2, Microsoft unveiled its latest major update for Windows. Soberly named the October 2018 Update, it still has the version number 1809. This iteration includes new features designed to improve users’ daily lives. But as is often the case with major new updates, this last one contains bugs that are more or less annoying depending on your use.

Win 10 1809: User accounts and files that disappear

Some users had the unpleasant surprise of discovering that part of their files had been deleted. On Reddit, a user complained that the upgrade to Windows 10 1809 deleted 60 GB of audio files (WAV). Worse still, a user profile would also have disappeared.

Another Reddit user commented on this misadventure by adding that one of his customers, on Windows 10 Family, wishing to update his system finally cancelled the operation. The problem is that when he restarted, he was sadly surprised to discover that his documents and images had completely disappeared. Strangely enough, the desktop is intact like its wallpaper and the folder of its iTunes music. The Reddit user specifies that he took care to analyze the machine with the TreeSize program and that the data was not only moved to a hidden folder. They have actually been removed.

A third Reddit user hypothesizes that this could be a problem in managing group and user policies, but it is still too early to know for sure.

Reset system settings

Other users have reported that Windows 10 1809 has reset some of their settings. On the Microsoft Answers site, a user declares that the following settings have been reset:

  • System recovery is disabled and recovery points have been deleted
  • The tasks in the task scheduler have been reset and its history deleted
  • Preferences in the settings
  • Application associations defined by default by the user

Other problems detected

The upgrade to Windows 10 1809 has other bugs and problems. Here is a short list of other problems detected:

  • The task manager displays incorrect values for CPU usage
  • Errors 0xC1900100100101 indicating driver problems during an upgrade attempt
  • Errors 0x80070070 indicating storage problems
  • System lock after the first reboot during installation
  • Blocking Windows Update at a certain percentage during the update
  • The update is not possible on some laptops due to a driver conflict for audio components and the graphics chip. The affected laptops are equipped with Intel graphics drivers. Fortunately, the American manufacturer already offers an update of these drivers via its website. Driver installation must be completed before upgrading to Windows 10 1809.

Be very careful if you want to try the adventure. Make a full backup of your system before considering upgrading to Windows 10 1809.

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