What are the best accounting software?

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There are many accounting software programs on the French market, and as with other products, there are excellent solutions and others that still have to prove themselves.

We have selected for you the most used and reliable solutions to manage your accounting.

How do I know which accounting software to choose?

Before comparing the solutions with each other, let’s take a look at the market situation. In France, there are several key players who are gaining a very large market share in the accounting software sector: EBP, Cegid, and Sage. You will also hear about Ciel, which became a trademark when the publisher was acquired by Sage in 1992.

We advise you to turn to these three major publishers. Indeed, they are the ones who are best able to develop the most complete accounting tools. Here is a brief overview of what they can offer.


EBP’s accounting range is wide, as are those of Cegid and Sage. Among the proposed tools, EBP Compta Classic is available online or in version 2019. You will be able to find the essential functionalities of general accounting (entry of entries, VAT management, exchange with the chartered accountant, etc.). Please note that the telephone assistance is only valid for 30 days in version 2019.

EBP Compta PRO is more complete, and also includes an online version and a 2019 version. In addition to the functionalities offered by EBP Compta Classic, you have tools to carry out your cost accounting, to enter your kilometres, or to manage your budget and make cash flow forecasts. The tool also allows you to compare the financial year with the previous financial year.

Finally, EBP Line Accounting SME Line Accounting, online or in version 2019, contains all the features of the two previous software packages, as well as other interesting tools. While the Classic and PRO versions have a customer and supplier management function, EBP SME Line Accounting allows you to manage customer reminders and schedules.

You will also find a Mac version, EBPC Compta MAC 2019, as well as several versions of the accounting tool adapted to certain fields, such as the associative sector and the public sector. Other versions 100% counted are dedicated to the liberal professions and the EC.

Good to know: EBP also offers a range of specialized solutions for accountants, EBP Solution Production. In addition, other sectors of activity benefit from management offers including accounting tools, such as the automotive or retail sectors.


The editor offers many modules that are interoperable with each other. They allow you to have a tailor-made offer that fully covers your needs, without having to pay you for functions that you would not need. The downside of this advantage: you are obliged to know your needs and the products offered by the publisher to avoid any error in the choice of your solution.

Thus, you can discover many software programs to make your declarations, archive your probative documents, do your accounting, manage your staff, etc. There are also modules dedicated to the accounting professions, entrepreneurs and VSEs, as well as the education and manufacturing sectors (this feature is coming soon). Discover in particular Cegid Expertfor accountants.

Cegid also offers some turnkey software, such as Cegid QuadraENTREPRISE. The management solution is very complete, including several functions to manage your accounting, but also your payroll, customer relations and sales management.

As you can see, Cegid is not only focused on accounting tools either. It also offers various additional management or HR software, such as YourCegid Human Resources Y2.


Sage offers three general accounting solutions: Sage Business Cloud Accounting & Billing is the first of them. It is aimed at startups and VSEs/SMEs. The solution allows you to manage your invoicing, finances, payments in several currencies, etc. You can also check VAT, stocks, create your chart of accounts or create your product catalogue.

Sage 50cloud Ciel Ciel Accountingis a little more comprehensive, allowing companies to manage their customers and suppliers more effectively.

Finally, Sage 100cloud Accounting Cloud is the most complete of the three. It concentrates the functionalities of the other two products, and allows you to manage your cost accounting and budgets, which is very important for an SME. You can thus better forecast your cash flow, dematerialize invoices, etc. With this tool, you also have an automatic reminder tool to speed up the collection of your unpaid bills, which should allow you to better manage cash inflows and outflows.

Of course, like EBP and Cegid, Sage also offers other software ranges, such as ERP or CRM, payroll software, as well as specialized tools in the agri-food, chemical, services or construction sectors, for accountants, etc.

To conclude

Here you are, you now know the leading accounting products on the French market. Now, you should know that some very good tools, less well known, also exist. Feel free to consult our other articles about the world of accounting software, such as our guide on cost accounting (what is it? What would it bring to my company? etc.).

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