What are the best free software for video editing?

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The days when you had to pay for quality video editing or just Windows Movie Maker are over. Video enthusiasts now have access to powerful, modern and above all free tools. We have compiled a selection of the best free video editing software for you. You will finally be able to think of yourself as Spielberg or Cameron by making your own films or video clips.

Media Composer First

Avid, the American company that developed Media Composer First, is known for its quality products for audiovisual professionals. Users with an interest in video production or CAD necessarily know software such as Pro Tools or Media Composer. In its free version called “Media Composer First”, the software includes the same tools and features used by professionals. It is therefore not the easiest software to use. However, it is quite complete and integrates everything you need to make original and high quality video editing.

DaVinci Resolve

Da Vinci Resolve is also free software with professional tools. The paid version of the program is indeed a reference ñ especially with regard to video calibration. You will find in this software advanced features to improve the colors of your videos and of course make editing. The software supports 4K content and has a wide range of tools for audio post-production. If you want to make video clips without ruining yourself, Da Vinci Resolve is the right software for you.

Hitfilm Express

If you like special effects, you’ll probably appreciate Hitfilm Express. The software integrates hundreds of 2D and 3D special effects and video editing tools. It even includes features for motion design. Hitfilm Express is not the easiest program to learn, but you can rely on the many tutorials provided by the community on dedicated forums.


Lightworks is a very complete software with essential video editing features. Its cutting and assembly tools are easy to use and allow a good management of transitions. Lightworks is also a good software for colorimetric settings. In its free version, the software does not allow exporting beyond 720p resolution.


Intuitive and easy to learn, Shotcut is an open source and cross-platform software (Windows, OSX and Linux). Translated into French, the program is probably the most accessible add-on solution for beginners. You will find video filters (Technocolor, various grains) and audio filters (equalizers). It is relatively easy to learn if you know a little bit about it. Again, you can use the many tutorials available on the web to improve your video editing skills.

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