What are the criteria for choosing decision support software?

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With the advancement of the latest forms of current technologies, company managers often find it difficult to find practical and useful software that allows them to better manage their business. Nowadays, every decision taken in a society must be well thought out, which is why its implementation requires a significant set of investments on the part of decision-makers.

To position itself over time and in the face of an ever-increasing level of competition, it is often necessary to ask yourself some questions and make some preliminary studies on the nature of the factors that first led to this decision and it is then necessary to look for software that could facilitate the realization of the projects planned by the company.

Before discovering the analysis and management software offered by Logitheque, here are some tips to help you compare them and make the best choice.

Before choosing your tool, define your expectations

First, the company’s needs must be defined. Based on its main activity, and its various secondary activities, it is necessary to see which elements (products, suppliers, employees) have the greatest influence on the company’s development in order to make changes.

It is thanks to this that we can first define the priorities to be put forward. Indeed, it is often because of a service failure that decision support software is required.

Whether at the level of human resources, finance and accounting or at the level of a company’s organisation and planning department; several factors can be taken into account to justify a decision by a company manager. It is after having defined and studied these factors that it is then necessary to know what strengths the company has at its disposal in order to be able to put itself forward.

By making a complete assessment, this second factor is relatively easy to determine. Thereafter, it is essential to implement a planning method in order to achieve the company’s various objectives. However, to know if a decision made is the right one, it is necessary to rely on decision support software.

Prefer multi-criteria solutions

There is only one way to know if the decision you have made is right or wrong, and that is to rely on decision support software that can include several criteria in its analysis to allow you to make a choice based on logical results.

Indeed, based only on criteria pre-established by the company, details can be omitted. This is precisely what we must avoid.

As a result, a LADMC or (Multi-Criteria Decision Support Software) allows both the strengths and weaknesses of a company to be assessed. To function, decision support software uses an advanced and precise mathematical algorithm capable of displaying logical results that present a certain order.

Indeed, the calculation carried out through this type of software makes it possible to highlight a ranking of the best decisions to be taken according to certain criteria.

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