What solutions are available to Free and Orange subscribers to continue to enjoy the TF1 replay?

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For several weeks now, the TF1 group has been opposing Orange, Canal and Free operators over access to its DTT channels. In the absence of agreement, TF1 categorically refuses to allow its channels to be broadcast via the operators in question. The channel has already taken the radical decision, to say the least, to remove access to its replay on the Orange box, the operator’s contract being terminated. The other major operators such as SFR and Bouygues have already found common ground with TF1. As for the Free and Orange subscribers who are replay enthusiasts, they are somehow penalized by this commercial disagreement. Fortunately, there are alternatives to continue to enjoy TF1 and its replay.

How to access TF1 channels and replay

Free has already taken the lead in continuing to broadcast the group’s channels in the event of TF1 suspension with the DTT scanner integrated into the Freebox. Free subscribers will therefore be able to continue to watch the different channels by connecting their Freebox to the DTT socket and running a scan via the Box interface. For users who do not have access to DTT and Orange subscribers, there are fortunately several parades.

Molotov: practical and multi platform but…

The Molotov application is available on almost all OSes (Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS). Molotov is also present on some connected televisions and all the channels of the TF1 group are available. However, the tool has one defect: no replay access.

Use a MyTF1 account?

Creating a MyTF1 account allows you to access the group’s replay and channels via your smartphone (myTF1 application) or on your computer. However, this solution has some disadvantages, such as advertising and data collection. Another problem would be to either connect a PC in HDMI to watch the replay or use the “cast” function of Chrome to display the My TF1 system on a connected TV. As you will have understood, this is not really the most practical solution.

The Kodi alternative?

Kodi is the ultimate multimedia software. Equipped with a powerful reader, it also supports the installation of extensions to add new features. You can also use one of these extensions (Catchup Tv) to enjoy the replays of channels such as TF1 or M6. If you have an Android box, you can display Kodi directly on your TV.

Captvty the ultimate solution

Finally, you still have the captvty solution. It is a French software that allows you to access DTT channels from your computer. It even allows you to download programs with a simple right-click. For those who wonder about the legality of such programs, know that Captvty has already been attacked by TF1 but also Canal + (only free-to-air programs are broadcast).

The software developer has always defended himself by stating that Captvty works like a simple browser and does not host the video content of the channels. The developer Captvty also specifies on a dedicated page that “this is indeed the content that the television channels themselves make available to the public and which can be consulted directly by Internet users. From a legal point of view, Captvty is a legal tool with regard to French and European legislation. »


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