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What are the essential features of marketing software?

What are the essential features of marketing software?

CRM software has many advantages: time saving - automation - simplification. However, it seems to me that its major asset is the analysis in its function.

A CRM with accurate analysis and synthesis of user activity will allow the writer to develop articles that meet users' expectations.

Optimize the management of your contacts

It is important that marketing software has CRM software in order to be able to best manage the contacts of its customers or potential customers. This allows you to have a history and follow-up of contact activity. You are therefore aware of a lot of information:

  • The time they spent on the site
  • the rebound rate
  • shared documents
  • the means of sharing (social networks - emails)
  • the documents downloaded
  • the most visited pages and articles
  • the average time spent on each item...
  • The videos viewed, and thehe comments left
  • the times of day when the site is most visited.
  • And of course this makes it possible to know whether or not people come back to the site.

It also allows you to have precise information about the people who are interested in the site:

  • the age group
  • the socio-professional category
  • the sex of the visitor
  • the location
  • leisure activities

Each contact has its own campaign

Good software also allows you to target campaign mailings according to each customer's objective. At a time when the number of sites is multiplying, at a time when technology is evolving at high speed, CRM will allow a better knowledge of potential customers.

Indeed, increased advertising was still working a few years ago. Today, the offer is so numerous that future customers are lost. The best way to do this is to identify people's needs and ensure that your company presents itself as a solution that meets all their needs.

At this point, it is no longer up to the software to do the job, but to the writer. It is necessary to find a layout adapted to the public, a tone, a style, a vocabulary, which makes him want to come back to the site. The software will then be able to take control and easily organize campaigns according to contacts and their needs. It is important to note that good contact management will build customer loyalty.

It may also be an opportunity to remind people that visitors attract visitors. Indeed, the more the site is visited, the more movement (sharing, commenting, downloading,), the better the site will be referenced by search engines. It is in fact the number of visitors and their activities that make your site famous.

Visualize the company's activity in real time

Another significant advantage: the company's staff can have a quick overview of the different sectors: prospecting - sales - after-sales service - administrative service - technical service

At a glance it should be possible to see at a glance which contacts have been prospected, which sales are in progress, which sales have been made, which sales have been won, which sales have been lost... A good analysis makes it possible to anticipate possible difficulties in order to limit them.

Generate the right documents

The marketing software can also have tools to have pre-filled forms. This allows sales representatives to save time on writing sales proposals, email templates....

The CRM must not only be able to collect information, but also automatically complete the most important elements. For example name, phone, address, email.

It is important that the software is configurable so that you can choose which criteria seem most important to you. The automatic version will give you the ability to manage more leads in record time. And this, while respecting the expectations of users.

A mobile and connected CRM

It goes without saying that the data must be accessible anywhere and at any time. On the other hand, the software must be compatible with computers, smartphones and tablets.

In the event that CRM software is independent of marketing software, it is equally important that both can be compatible.

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