Which applications should I use to start as an auto-entrepreneur?

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That’s it, you’ve filled out all your papers, obtained your SIRET and own your own micro-business. Welcome to the wonderful world of self-entrepreneurship. Whether you are a graphic designer, a developer, a writer or from another profession, here are some sites and applications that can help you on a daily basis:

1 – find customers

You will have a hard time working if you can’t find any customers. To do this, there are several platforms allowing you to find contacts:

  • LinkedIn is a network of choice for finding new customers. Thanks to his search for jobs, relationships or hashtags, you may well find your future partners. LinkedIn is also ideal for your customers to recommend you to their contacts but also simply to praise your merits. It should be noted that LinkedIn is available in web and mobile formats (Android and iOS).

  • Malt is a website specially designed for auto-entrepreneurs. Think of it as a huge directory of freelancers currently available. A godsend for a company wishing to pay for the services of a self-employed entrepreneur. If it is possible to search for freelancers in Malt, it is of course also possible to register as an auto-entrepreneur.

  • Encoder is a website with a mobile application for its messaging. Quite similar to Malt in its principle of a freelance directory, here we will touch more on digital professions (Web, e-commerce, development, graphics, etc…). It should be noted that Coder has sub-parties such as Graphiste.com, Rédacteur.com, etc…

2 – carry out your mission

It is difficult to recommend specific tools as they depend on your mission. No doubt you will know better than us which software is best for your project! Feel free to consult our software sections at the bottom of our home page.

3 – carry out and manage your invoices

Once your mission is completed and the project delivered to the client, it is time to collect your due! Before carrying out a job, it is advisable to make an estimate where you will estimate the remuneration for the assignment to be carried out. Once the client signs your quotation, the latter undertakes to pay you the amount indicated against the completion of the indicated assignment.

Once this is done, you will only have to transform your estimate into an invoice to be sent. You will have understood: this is a lot of paperwork for you. However, it is vital to manage everything properly because URSSAF control can occur at any time! Here are some tips to help you manage your invoices and papers:

  • Invoice.net is as simple as its URL indicates. Completely free, the website allows you to make quotes, invoices but also credit notes while managing your various customers and your business expenses. All this is easily accessible via a very simple to use dashboard.

  • Zervant is a web solution for those who want to invest a few euros or who do not have many customers. Zervant’s free offer allows you to manage only 10 customers. However, it is possible to make as many estimates and invoices as you wish. Its big advantage is that it has a mobile application available on Android and iOS. You can therefore manage your activity from anywhere.

4 – declare and pay

Certainly the least interesting stage in the life of an auto-entrepreneur. Depending on your activity and preferences, you will have to declare your income each month or quarter and pay part of it to URSSAF.

To know how much you owe, don’t panic: the official AutoEntrepreneur website automatically calculates the percentage you have to pay to URSSAF.

To declare and pay your income, two solutions:

-Connect to the AutoEntrepreneur.urssaf website and go to the “declare and pay” section.

-Use the official AutoEntrepreneur Urssaf application, connect using your login details (SIRET, Last name, First name and password) then click on the “declare and pay” section.

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