Why choose ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced to protect your Eftpos terminals?

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When you want to manage the security of an SME or VSE, you need a reliable solution that is easy to deploy and manage on a daily basis. And if there are a lot of products available on the market, today we will introduce you to ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced and tell you about its advantages for effectively protecting every workstation in your company.

On-site solution or cloud solution?

ESET products adapted to companies are varied. It is therefore necessary to take the time to choose the one that will best suit the needs of your society.

ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced is the best-known solution: it is a tool that provides protection for both network machines and file servers and mobile devices. The administration part is managed by ESET Security Management Center.

For those who appreciate cloud solutions, ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud is the ideal solution. The ESET Cloud Administrator Administration Console is accessible from a simple web browser with an up-to-date version. In addition, the console makes it easy to manage the entire network.

ESET Cloud Administrator

The advantages of ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced

To ensure that computers are well protected, ESET has equipped its software with numerous security features that are very useful on a daily basis. So, in addition to renowned antivirus protection, ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced also provides an anti ransomware shield that monitors whether a process is attempting to alter the files on the computer. In addition, the software publisher offers ESET Augur, a machine learning engine that learns to detect new threats and remove harmless files.

It is also noted that ESET solutions have very little impact on the system.

Do you want to test ESET products in your SME? Please note that it is possible to make a free trial: by creating an ESET Business Account, a user can take 30 days to discover ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud and protect up to 25 workstations.

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