Windows 10: ads that cannot be disabled are displayed in some applications

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Microsoft displays advertising suggestions in some applications installed on Windows 10. The operating system has been regularly criticized for advertising since its first public version. Indeed, the Redmond firm is not at its first attempt.

Windows 10 Update

Since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, advertising has always been an additional source of revenue and a split topic for Microsoft. The Start menu and preinstalled applications, even in Pro versions of the OS, are examples of this. Over time, the company has made several attempts to activate other ad locations, in the file explorer or in the taskbar.

Microsoft is currently testing another method. It displays more or less discreet banners in several of these preinstalled applications such as Mail or Weather. This advertising content encourages you to download other products such as Microsoft News or Microsoft Outlook. To the great displeasure of some users, there would be no way to delete them.

Windows 10 ads

The main argument of these users is that the Redmond firm should not transform a purchased product into a communication medium. For its part, Microsoft considers Windows 10 as a service whose license is based on a right of exploitation and not possession.

At the moment, Microsoft is quite discreet on this subject and no one knows whether it is a long-term strategy or simple tests. One thing is certain, the Microsoft feedback portal is being attacked by users who are expressly requesting the removal of these ads.

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