Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: the trick to recovering storage space after the update

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Fall Creators Update is the latest “stable” update to Windows 10. It includes new features that aim to make the OS a little more secure and prepare the ground for the next major system updates. If you have updated your PC and you are not experiencing any problems using it, there is a way to recover valuable gigabytes from your hard drive after this upgrade.

Delete unnecessary installation files

The first step is to go to the workstation (CE PC). Once the file explorer is open, right-click on the main hard disk (C:) to go to the disk properties.

Click on Disk Cleanup, the utility will scan for unnecessary files stored on your machine.

At the end of the analysis you will have the possibility to select the different types of files whose deletion will not affect the stability of your system.

You can also select other file types such as those in the recycle bin or clean the application cache. If you have never done a disk cleanup, this utility will allow you to recover perhaps valuable gigabytes.

Don’t forget Storage Sense

Windows 10 includes a storage wizard to automatically clean your hard drive. This feature, also known as Storage Sense, allows you to maintain your system by regularly deleting temporary files created by the various programs installed on your computer.

These are not files that are essential for the proper functioning of Windows or personal files, so you do not risk making the system unstable by performing this automatic cleaning.

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