Windows 10: 10 little-known features that can be extremely useful

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Since its release in 2015, Windows 10 has come a long way. Microsoft alternates with major updates and minor enhancements to improve the day-to-day user experience. Admittedly, all is not rosy and the deployment of the 1903 and 1909 updates was not smooth, but the OS gradually acquired very relevant features. Here are 10 little-known features of Windows 10 that you will probably adopt after reading this article.

The integrated video editor

Good old Windows Movie Maker has done you a lot of good and loyal service, but it had to take its leave. To replace it, Microsoft offers the “Video Editor” tool. This mounting utility is very intuitive and extremely easy to use.

You have at your disposal several styles of titles and fonts allowing you to create original videos. The application is also able to retrieve your shots and scenes directly from One Drive, the online storage service. The video editor also offers more or less realistic 3D effects, filters, motion effects, etc.

Editeur Video

The video editor of Windows 10 is directly accessible from the start menu by typing the query “video editor”. You can also retrieve it from the Windows Photo application.

Storage Sense: automatically clean your hard drive

Storage Sense is the storage wizard for Windows 10. This utility allows you to better manage your storage space. It will automatically delete temporary files and destroy files that have been in the recycle bin for at least 1 month. We recommend that you consult the detailed tutorial on Storage Sense to set it up properly.

Storage sense

Easily solve Windows problems

Windows 10 has its own troubleshooter. These recommendations concern problems that may arise depending on your use of the system. These are mostly recommendations related to peripherals, program compatibility or updates. This “troubleshooter” will allow you to understand or even solve some problems yourself.

Dépanage Windows 10

To access it, press the Windows and I keys simultaneously, then go to Update and Security and finally to Troubleshooting.

The concentration assistant

This feature allows you to temporarily disable notifications that may disturb you while you are working. It can be activated automatically in certain situations.


You can customize its settings by going to the notification panel accessible from the right corner of your screen or by going directly to the Windows settings.

Assistant de concentration

The complete list of Windows 10 shortcuts

Microsoft offers a huge list of shortcuts for Windows 10. Here are a few of them:

Windows + I: Display system settings

Windows + S : launch a search

Windows + TAB: open timeline and virtual desktops

Windows + D: easily hide/show open windows

Windows + E: Open File Explorer

ALT + TAB: toggle between active windows

Please note that you can access the complete list by going directly to the official Microsoft web page.

Get the frame rate during games

If you’re an avid gamer, you can view FPS statistics using the new Windows 10 Game Bar. Activated by the Windows + G key combination, this bar is displayed as a widget.

barre de jeux

Microsoft tips and tricks

This is an application from the Microsoft Store that allows you to get a list of the features added with each major operating system update. The application even offers mini-tutorials and shortcuts to each new feature.

Astuces Microsoft

The Timeline and Virtual Desktops

This feature was added in Windows 10 version 1803. It displays your previous activities over the last 30 days and makes it easy to return to them. The activity history is displayed with the Windows + TAB key combination.

This same combination also makes it possible to create virtual desktops. A feature that offers several spaces that can be customized. This way, you can have one office dedicated to entertainment and another to work.

Optimize search results

By default, when you run a search from File Explorer, the system does not search every nook and cranny of your hard drive, but only the libraries and the desktop. If you have multiple disks and partitions and you want the system to really scan every nook and cranny of the machine, go to the Windows settings in Search on Windows. Then activate the enhanced search.

Make calculations in the Start menu

You may not have known this, but you can do your calculations directly from the Start menu, without having to launch the calculator. This feature is directly linked to Bing, Microsoft’s search engine.

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