Windows 10 requires 32 GB exclusively on new PCs

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Last April, Microsoft updated a support article that lists the minimum hardware requirements for the different versions of Windows 10 1903. According to this article, Windows 10 1903 would require 32 GB of storage for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the OS.

Tero Alhonen, a Twitter user, noticed that the article had been updated by Microsoft. The new version is intended to be clearer than the previous one, particularly on the issue of 32 GB of storage space. Indeed, in the support article, Microsoft now specifies that this requirement only applies to PC manufacturers when they offer a new machine.

“The new disk space requirements for Windows 10, version 1903 only apply to OEMs for manufacturing new PCs. This new requirement does not apply to existing devices. PCs that do not meet the new disk space requirements will continue to receive updates and the upgrade to 1903 will require approximately the same amount of available disk space as previous updates. »

The information to remember is that you don’t have to prepare your machine by reserving so much storage space.

However, there is still a grey area, as Microsoft has not specified the exact minimum amount of disk space for custom-made PCs or existing hardware. It is assumed that the minimum storage requirement is 16 GB, as it was for previous versions of Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft via Bleeping Computer

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