Windows 10: what if Paint was saved?

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Since the presentation of Paint 3D, we know that the days of the Paint software are numbered. Paint 3D has been clearly presented as its successor: its interface has been revised and it is well promoted within Windows 10. In addition, an alert window now appears when Paint opens (if you are up to date with Windows 10) and announces that the software will soon join the Microsoft Store. But a small modification, seen in an Insider version, could change everything.

Does Microsoft plan to leave the small drawing software alone? This is certainly what the message from a Twitter user who compared the Paint ribbon to the current official version of Windows 10 and the Insider version might suggest. On the latter, the mention “product alert” is missing. Is this an omission on the part of Microsoft or has the company decided to tolerate Paint’s presence alongside Paint 3D?

Paint has the advantage of being a very easy to use software and it suits the needs of a large part of the users when it comes to basic photo editing. Moreover, not everyone needs the 3D features of Paint 3D. Let’s hope that this change, however minor, will allow Paint and Paint 3D to coexist peacefully on Windows 10.


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