WPS Office, the free alternative to Microsoft Office, is available in version 2019

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Without warning, WPS Office, a free and complete office suite, has just been updated to version 2019. If you are new to this software and need a free text editor or spreadsheet, now is the time to look at it and discover what’s new.

A redesigned interface

The main problem with alternatives to Microsoft Office is that the interfaces are often far from what Microsoft offers. This does not mean that they are bad, but it is difficult to find the options you want to use, if you are used to the Redmond firm’s product.

The interface of WPS Office 2019 has been redesigned: it now allows you to group all open documents in the same window, whether it is a text, an Excel table or a presentation. The software also allows you to create several workspaces if necessary to organize your own files.

WPS Office 2019

WPS Office 2019 also offers the user the possibility to customize the interface through skins. For the moment, the choice is rather limited but it should quickly grow and it could appeal to users who like to customize the software they use. Alternatively, it is also possible to choose an image to use as a background.

WPS Office 2019

Better PDF management

As far as functionalities are concerned, the most interesting one is certainly the one concerning PDF documents. Indeed, WPS Office was lacking in interaction with this file format. The problem is, in part, solved with this version 2019 which now supports comments, which will be displayed in the form of notes.

WPS Office 2019 is already available for download on Logitheque. Free product obliges, advertisements are on the program. For information, a $29.99 per year paid version is available: it allows you to remove ads, take advantage of unlimited PDF features (conversion, separation…) and 20 GB of online storage space.

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