Zoom: Here are some alternatives to the video conferencing software

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The general containment put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has forced organizations to equip themselves with videoconferencing tools. Around the world, schools, businesses and institutions have rushed to use software such as Zoom to keep their operations running. The downside is that despite all its efforts, the Zoom application is not as secure as it claims. Recently, The Intercept site highlighted the fact that the application’s video streams were not encrypted as Zoom claimed. A few days earlier, the FBI alerted about the hacking of video meetings by hackers. If you are looking for an alternative to Zoom to make video meetings or continue your training in complete security, here are the alternatives available to you.

Hangout Meet

Hangout Meet is included in Google’s famous G-Suite for businesses and schools. Meet features a lightweight interface that makes it very easy to create meetings. A 14-day trial version is available.

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Google decided to make a commercial gesture during the COVID-19 outbreak: until July 1, 2020 all G Suite customers will benefit from additional features such as live streaming or meeting recording.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a little more than just a video conferencing tool. The software is a true collaborative platform, but its video conferencing functionality can be a real alternative to Zoom.

Teams Platforms

Microsoft Teams is included in the commercial versions of Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium and Business Essentials.

Clickmeeting, the international tool

Clickmeeting specializes in setting up webinars, i.e. videoconferences whose purpose is to train or convince an audience.


It is a solution used in many countries around the world, so you will have no difficulty using it with partners outside your country.

Cisco Webex Meetings

The Cisco Webex Meetings tool concentrates on several tasks: classic contact making, training, obtaining professional certificates, downloading software.

Since Cisco is also an international company, you can use it to talk to people abroad. In addition, a fairly large community allows you to have quick responses to your needs, in addition to technical support.

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Webinars are offered on demand by experts, and Cisco organizes events on a regular basis.

Beenote: Governance, Safety and Efficiency

These are the key words displayed by the publisher, who addresses the decision-makers to convince them. Beenote is presented to you as a governance solution, which allows you to manage and archive the documents and messages of your online meetings.


Minutes, meeting objectives, schedule planning, follow-up of tasks by group or individually, here are a few valuable features for this videoconferencing software available in French or English.

Zoho Meeting, complete and unlimited

Once again, here is the video conferencing tool of a weight editor. Zoho offers you a solution that he thought was as complete as possible. Zoho Meeting thus includes many additional functions in addition to the basic ones you will find everywhere, such as the integration of your meetings to your website (or blog).


Another interesting point is that you can use the tool as and as much as you want: the number of meetings is unlimited and you benefit from customization tools.


The tool offers you a link without connection or download to share with your caller to call him/her by video. When he clicks on the call link generated by Gruvéo, a video call is launched in his browser, and you can take the call.


The advantage of Gruvéo is that you don’t have to ask the person you want to contact to register. Thus, there are no obstacles to reach you.


This is the online meeting solution from the heavyweight publisher Adobe. Adobe Connect offers all the classic features of a video conferencing tool, but also offers scalable tools that might be of interest to you.

For example, the Adobe Connect Learning module is designed to allow you to easily train people remotely, and you can find registration and event management tools with Adobe Connect Meetings.


AnyMeeting is a solution published by Intermedia. This editor provides you with practical tools for your online meetings, such as high definition video calling, the ability to share your screen, but also support for MP4 files.



StartMeeting allows you to organize meetings with up to 1000 participants, which can be a good solution for presentations or training. You can also record and play back meetings, and plug-ins allow you to integrate Outlook and Google Calendar.


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