Disney+ : How to unsubscribe easily?

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Disney+ is becoming the reference SVOD platform for watching your favorite superhero movies and Disney classics. Like many fans, you probably succumbed to the song of The Little Mermaid and subscribed to the Disney+ free trial period.


Like Netflix, the service requires the addition of a payment method when you register. Sampling is only carried out at the end of the trial period. It is therefore important not to forget to unsubscribe if you do not wish to be sampled.

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Use Google Play to cancel your Disney+ subscription

If you subscribed from your smartphone, you must have used the payment method associated with your Google Play account. To unsubscribe, simply go to your Google Play account:

  • Go to play.google.com
  • Make sure you are logged in to the Google account used for Disney+
  • In the left column, click on “My Subscriptions”. The list of your subscriptions will be displayed as shown in the image below.

Désabonnement disney plus 1

  • Locate Disney+, then click on “Manage”.
  • The following dialog box will appear. From this page, you can change your payment method or add a second one. You also have the option to cancel your Disney+ subscription by simply clicking on the dedicated link.

Désabonnement Disney+

Another way to unsubscribe from Disney+

If you have used another payment method other than Google Play, follow these steps:

Annuler abonnement disneyPlus

You will be able to continue to watch Disney+ even after you unsubscribe until the end of your trial period.

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