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Vagary is a game that brings a breath of fresh air into the small world of MOBAs. Like its predecessors (Paladin Strike or Arena of Valor), the title features 5V5 games for wild clashes. The track is playable on PC through an Android emulator. Here is how to install it on your machine and enjoy its graphics on the big screen.

Prerequisites for installing Vagary on PC

To install the game on a Windows PC, here are the files to recover:

  • Make sure you have downloaded his APK and OBB file. The APK is the installation file, while the OBB file contains all the data required to run the game.
  • An Android emulator for PC. We used Memu for our tutorial, but you can use other solutions like Mumu App Player, Ldplayer or Nox App Player. You will need to retrieve the game from the Playstore with a VPN offering a Vietnamese server.

How to install Vagary on your PC?

1. Install and launch your emulator. If this is your first launch, follow all the instructions that appear when you register a Google Account. The Google Account will allow you to use the Google Play application store and its Play Games feature to save your games.

2. Then install Vagary on the emulator. To do this, simply drag and drop the APK onto the emulator’s home page. Once the installation is complete, do not run the game.

3. Use the “Shared folder” function of your emulator to access the OBB file previously downloaded. Simply copy the OBB file of the game to the emulator’s shared folder.

vagary install obb on PC

You can then use its file explorer to copy it to the Android > obb > com.ejoy.mobacd.googleplay folder. If you can’t find this folder, create it and copy the obb file there.

Copy  vagary Obb on PC

Tip: You can also retrieve the OBB file directly from the emulator’s web browser using this link.

Configure your emulator to play Vagary on PC

1. Start the game by clicking on its icon

2. Vagary will take a few minutes to decompress the previously copied OBB data.

vagry First Run

3. You can play it as a guest (without saving in the cloud) or by connecting the Google account created in step 1 of our tutorial.

Vagary Splash Screen

4. Then choose your name and click on Next.

vagary APK logitheque

5. Go to the “Keymappng” menu of your emulator to associate the keys of your keyboard with the game commands. Memu has an MOBA mode that makes it easier to associate these keys:

vagary keymapping memu

  • Control the movements of your character with your mouse, especially with the right button
  • Recall: Ctrl
  • DMG & Silence: up arrow
  • Shield & Speed: right arrow
  • Sword: down arrow
  • other capacity not obtained: left arrow

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