How to install the Disney+ APK?

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Disney+ was launched with great fanfare on November 12 in the United States and Canada before being offered a week later in Australia and New Zealand. The streaming platform officially arrived in rest of Europe on 24 March 2020. In the meantime, users from other countries must use deception to access the platform.

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Here is why the Disney+ APK does not install

If you follow the news of Disney+ on Logitheque, you certainly know that it is already possible to enjoy it from any country with a good VPN. Indeed, you can use the following VPNs to access the US Google Play catalogue and subscribe to Disney’s Netflix:

Be aware that there is another way to easily install Disney+ on a compatible smartphone or Android box. This is the installation method with a split APK.

If you try to install the Disney+ application by simply installing its APK, you will encounter an error. In the best case, the application will install, but will not run.

If the application does not work, it is because its installation requires two other essential configuration files:

  • config.xhdpi-xxxxxx.apk (configuration for screen resolution)
  • config.xx-xxxxxx.apk (language configuration)

Again, you can try to manually install these two configuration files as APKs, but in most cases the installation fails.

A problem with the Disney+ APK? Here is the solution

To avoid this pitfall, you must have a third-party application called SAI (Split APK Installer). Here’s how to use it:

1. Download the SAI application from the Google Play Store or get its APK from Logitheque. Install the utility.

2. Download the three files required for the installation of Disney+:

  • com.disney.disney.disneyplus-xxxxx.apk
  • config.xhdpi-xxxxxx.apk
  • config.xx-xxxxxx.apk

3. Start SAI and touch the “Install APK” button.

4. Select the three APKs listed above. They should be in your download directory.

5. Tap the “Choose” button. The installation will start automatically.

SAI Disney+

6. Once completed, the following notification will be displayed:

SAI Disney

7. All you have to do is activate your VPN to switch virtually to the United States and complete your Disney+ registration.

Disney+ Login

Once registered, remember that you get a 7-day free trial. You can of course keep your subscription, while in France, but you will have to use your VPN to connect to the service. Disney+ still has a special feature that will make your life easier.

Indeed, you don’t need to constantly use the VPN to watch your favorite movies and series. The VPN simply provides access to the platform. Once your account is located in the United States or Canada, you can disconnect your VPN connection without losing access to Disney+. This will allow you to enjoy an optimal flow rate.

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  • Harry Jansen van Vuuren Reply

    Hi there, I have installed Disney+ version 1.4.0 with the Split APKs Installer and the extra files as per instruction and the app open but still no sound with any show I choose. Any assistance from you on this regard.

    28/03/2020 at 1:48 PM
  • Sylvie Reply

    Same here, no sound ????
    Thank you, I need help

    09/05/2020 at 4:55 AM

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