How do some people hack a Disney+ account in seconds?

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Disney+, which has been available in the United States and Canada since November 12, has made a good start, but its launch has not been without its challenges. Apart from the small technical problems encountered by some users, more serious problems have occurred. Indeed, thousands of Disney+ accounts have been hacked. The stolen and modified identifiers are already circulating on the web.

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Identifiers sold on the web

As reported by Zdnet, some users were surprised to find that their passwords had been changed without their knowledge. The streaming service does not offer a double authentication system to enhance account security. Blessed bread for pirates who have not been asked to offer thousands of accounts for free or for cash on hacking forums. Pirated accounts are sold at low prices between 3 and 11 dollars exchangeable in cryptomonnaise.

Disney+ hacking

Credits: Zdnet

How do I hack into a Disney+ account?

According to initial observations, the hackers simply used combinations of passwords and identifiers already present on the web. Some users regularly use the same password to access their different accounts. Hackers only had to test the identifiers already stolen to hack into the linked Disney+ accounts.

Phishing Disney+

Credits: Image under Pixabay license

This is not the only method used by hackers. Indeed, some would have used keyloggers, tools to collect information entered on your computer or mobile phone. Phishing is also used to retrieve personal data. The recovered information is usually saved directly on a server managed by the hacker(s) before being put on sale on the Dark Web or dedicated forums.

Disney + not secure enough?

The information to remember is that these hackings are not related to a direct siphoning of Disney+ user databases. However, the platform does not offer a double authentication system to better secure its access.

Disney+ login

A vulnerability that allows anyone with a password to change it and block access to the legitimate user. Unfortunately, this pitfall is present in many streaming services.

How to protect yourself against account theft Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ etc.?

As far as users are concerned, it is possible to contain these opportunistic attacks by taking simple measures.

The first thing to do is not to use the same password for the different services you subscribe to. Thus, if by misfortune an individual manages to obtain your identifiers for a service, he will not be able to access the others.

Also, don’t overlook the famous security issues offered by some services, or the two-factor authentication that we recommend you activate as soon as possible.

Do not download attachments from emails where you do not know the sender.

Finally, have a password manager to secure your credentials and create strong enough passwords.

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