How to install Disney+ on Windows 10?

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Disney+ is everywhere. This multi-platform, subscription-based video-on-demand service is available on many devices. Thus, it is possible to enjoy Disney+ from your game console, smartphone, multimedia box, TV and computer. However, Disney+ is not available as a Windows or macOS application. However, there is a trick that allows you to create the Disney+ application for your Windows 10 PC yourself.

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The trick to having Disney+ on Windows 10

The method we will detail in this mini tutorial is to use PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) technology. This application refers to a site or web page that can be copied to a device’s system as if it had been installed. This application has a shortcut that points directly to the page in question and can be pinned directly to the taskbar. To make a long story short, we will simply convert the Disney+ site into an application.

1. This conversion is very simple. To achieve this, you can use the new Edge Chromium browser developed by Microsoft. Even if the application is not yet available in its final version and has some bugs, it is already possible to use this feature.

Good to know:

If Disney+ is not available in your area, have a VPN to access it. Here is a short list of VPN services compatible with the streaming platform:

Launch Microsoft Edge Chromium

2. Once your VPN is activated, go directly to in the browser.

3. Create a Disney+ account. If you already have an account, simply log in to the platform.

4. Go to the menu on the top right by clicking on the three small dots then click on “Apps” then on “Install this site as an app”.

Disney+ Installer

5. Give the application a name, then click on “Install”.

Disney+ Windows 10 install

The application icon will appear directly on your desktop and a new dedicated window will open.

Disney+ Windows 10

You can uninstall the application by going directly to the menu and clicking on “Uninstall Disney +”.

Caster Disney+ Microsoft Edge

Good to know:

You can cast the content of the application directly to compatible devices connected to the same network: TVs, wireless displays, etc.

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