Linux Email Software: The comprehensive list

How to connect to your favorite mailbox, webmail service or online messaging services? It's simple, just browse in this category, you will find links to the various online mail services, as well as the tools to access them.

  • Logo Criptext Linux
    Criptext Linux

    Criptext is a software available on your Linux computers that guarantees the security of your email.

    • Multilingual
    • 27 Download(s)
    • 25/06/2019
  • Logo Thunderbird

    Thunderbird is the email client offered by Mozilla that easily replaces the famous Outlook. It offers many features and is constantly being improved as updates are made.

    • French
    • 155 Download(s)
    • 09/10/2020
  • Logo EMA LINUX

    EMA is a mass email sending software EMA is totally free, with no limit in the number of emails sent, no time limit and no advertising.

    • French
    • 40 Download(s)
    • 06/12/2012
  • Logo AXIGEN Mail Server StartUp Edition
    AXIGEN Mail Server StartUp Edition

    AXIGEN StartUp Edition is a free mail server providing (E)SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Webmail services for 9 users and one domain. AXIGEN can be configured remotely using the WEB interface.

    • English
    • 2550 Download(s)
    • 06/12/2012
  • Logo SMAN Simple Mail Manager
    SMAN Simple Mail Manager

    Receive mail from a POP3 server, send mail via an SMTP server, MIME attachments, address book, TO,CC,BCC lists, drafts messages, sent messages.

    • French
    • 907 Download(s)
    • 06/12/2012