Linux Website Cleaner Software: The comprehensive list

  • Logo Xowa – Tout Wikipedia
    Xowa – Tout Wikipedia

    Xowa is a software that extracts all the content from Wikipedia to allow you to view it in offline mode. You can then browse the encyclopedia as if you were on the Internet.

    • English
    • 93 Download(s)
    • 29/11/2013
  • Logo Kiwix

    Kiwix is a software for Linux that allows you to store all Wikipedia pages in a given language so that you can save it and view it on your computer.

    • French
    • 73 Download(s)
    • 22/08/2013
  • Logo WinHTTrack

    A web vacuum cleaner. It allows you to transfer a website to your hard disk, by recursively building the entire structure, retrieving html, images and files from the server to your computer. The links are reconstructed in a rel....

    • French
    • 3829 Download(s)
    • 06/12/2012