Online Card Games Software: The comprehensive list

Amateurs of card games are delighted, because they are more and more numerous and more and more varied! Traditional card games (Belote, Bridge, Poker...) still exist and are still very popular, but they have been joined by more diversified and modern titles, based on TCG (Trading Card Games) or CCG (Collectible Card Games), collector cards. From the Bridge to Hearthstone For several years now, physical card games have gone beyond the simple framework of entertainment. No more decks of 32 cards, no more games between drinks at the bistro. Now they are real competitions, where competitors have to create both a powerful and original game, but also know when to draw the right card. For the quietest, there are still the traditional games, but the strategy is still violent: You have to win at all costs, and if you play as a team, know how to build a relationship of trust with your partner. We offer a wide selection of card games, from Magic to Pokemon, that will show you all the colours.

  • Logo Dueling Network
    Dueling Network

    Do you love Yu-Gi-Oh! so much that you want to compete against online opponents in the licensed card game? Then Dueling Network is for you.

    • English
    • 1124 download(s)
    • 21/05/2015
  • Logo Cards Against Originality
    Cards Against Originality

    The web/app version of Cards against Humanity, the famous irreverent and very, very slightly politically incorrect card game, is online.

    • English
    • 10 download(s)
    • 13/03/2015
  • Logo Pretend you’re Xyzzy
    Pretend you’re Xyzzy

    The online version of Cards against humanity or almost, since it is an unofficial clone but which integrates the different card packs added as they are added. Bonus: you can play on your TV with a Chromecast!

    • English
    • 70 download(s)
    • 25/03/2020