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<p>Marketing software is characterized by its diversity and wide range of offers. Designed for professionals but also for freelancers, SaaS applications cover all marketing needs, from acquisition to customer loyalty, or brand work. CRM, SEO, SEM, Brand Content... Each specialty has its own software!</p> <p>One of the most sought-after, used and strategic remains CRM. This type of software is designed to provide its users with a set of levers that allow the marketer to address its customers, prospects and different databases, and to observe its evolution over time. This important tool requires constant monitoring, but also a lot of competence since it is a central element for a company or an agency.</p> <p>In SEO too, demand is strong, but the supply is less varied. Most of the tools are monitoring or crawling tools. The "specialized" tools are also intended for the fringe of the profession, the one who works in an unorthodox way.</p>