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Free software KiCad Mac KiCad Mac

KiCad is an open source software suite for your macOS computers that allows you to create electronic schematics and printed circuits.

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  • AutoCad LT 2019 Mac

    AutoCad LT 2019 Mac

    The famous CAD software, which has been acclaimed by professionals for its optimized interface and numerous design innovations, is no longer...

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  • Twinmotion Mac

    Twinmotion Mac

    Twinmotion on Mac is a software that allows the user to create 3D scenes, images and slideshows in real time. This software is free until November...

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  • Disketch - Logiciel d'étiquettes de CD pour Mac

    Disketch - Logiciel d'étiquettes de CD pour Mac

    Disketch is a software for CD and DVD labels for Mac. Create CD and DVD labels and box cover images. You can import your own compositions or...

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  • Canvas Draw for Mac

    Canvas Draw for Mac

    Visualisez votre flux de travail avec un outil de création de contenu diversifié capable de combiner des éléments adaptables de texte, d'image,...

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Software Graphics most downloaded for Mac

  • HomebyMe Mac

    HomebyMe Mac

    This free software has everything you need to become your ideal companion for 3D modeling of your architectural plans, interior design or deeper...

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  • Sweet Home 3D Mac

    Sweet Home 3D Mac

    Sweet Home 3D is a free software with which you will be able to easily draw the plans of your house to better arrange it.

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  • Affinity Publisher Mac

    Affinity Publisher Mac

    Affinity Publisher for Mac is a software under development. This is a DTP tool whose first versions are already very encouraging. It is a serious...

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  • CubeMovie HD

    CubeMovie HD

    With CubeMovie, you place your images on the faces of a 3D cube, then create a great animation that shows the images one after the other. Easy to...

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