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Free software uBar Mac uBar Mac

UBar is a software that should appeal to users who are switching from a PC to a Mac. Indeed, it is an alternative to the macOS dock: a taskbar like...

Icons and Tuning

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  • Spectacle Mac

    Spectacle Mac

    Spectacle is a software available only on Mac that fills a gap in macOS: its poor window management. It offers various shortcuts to easily move the...

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    1 download
  • Quicksilver


    Quicksilver is an application launcher that can access the computer menu faster. The application allows you to choose specific actions specific to a...

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    1 download
  • Bartender


    Bartender is a reconfiguration program that makes the desktop more functional and unencumbered. It is presented as a menu bar that offers the...

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    1 download
  • DesktopShelves


    DesktopShelves is a desktop manager that allows you to store documents, folders and application icons on virtual shelves. Not only is DesktopShelves...

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    1 download

Software Icons and Tuning most downloaded for Mac

  • aLunch


    ALunch is a simple and effective alternative to default launch tools. After a quick installation, and nevertheless a rather difficult configuration...

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    1 download
  • Shade


    Both simple and lightweight, Shade is a software that allows you to hide all the icons on your Mac desktop. Represented on the menu bar by a...

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