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The Latest Software

On logitheque, it is easy to find an application for your smartphone, tablet or mobile device.

Android Applications

: Discover all the Android applications on the Google Play Store, but also the apk of some programs that will allow you to install freely and without going through a market place dozens of very useful applications daily, or free games and designed to entertain you. Android applications allow you to work, communicate, collaborate or manage files, not forgetting the functions related to the device, such as sending SMS, filtering calls or geolocation of the mobile phone in case of loss. You will also find GPS, photo or video editing applications and a whole bunch of practical or useless tools for everyday use !

IOS applications

: iPhone or iPad applications are only distributed via the iTunes Store for applications. But here you'll find a selection of the best programs and software, as well as software designed to help you use your Apple hardware. iOs applications can also be used for your Apple Watch if they are compatible and only take a few minutes to install.

Windows Phone applications

: Windows Phone applications, even if they are less numerous, are also listed here. Many games and leisure applications are available for everyone, as well as utilities to take advantage of the advanced possibilities of the camera on smartphones running Windows, often the strong point of these machines.