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Salaire nourrice Android

Updated on 12/19/2014
Rating : Rating : 2/5

Simplify your life regarding the management of your nanny's pay slips with the Android Nanny Salary application. Downloadable free of charge on smartphone and tablet, it provides you with a calendar thanks to which you will be able to point out all the days of guard duty performed. You can also note the hours, and export all your data via Excel software. Thus, it is impossible to be ripped off or, on the contrary, to make a mistake in calculating your salary.

Salaire nourrice Android takes care of the management of paid holidays. Easy to use, it has a user-friendly interface with a "nanny" tab containing your nanny's essential data, a "child" tab with information on the child being cared for, and an "employer" tab. This mobile application automatically calculates your childminder's salary based on the number of hours you have entered in the interface. Salary slips can be generated and saved in PDF format.

Salaire nourrice Android
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  • Date Created 09/04/2014
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