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Aria2 Android

Updated on 11/29/2018
Rating : Rating : 5/5
1.34.0 Freeware

Android phones are not only used to make calls, launch Instagram or Candy Crush. No, they are also used to download files, which is an activity that is reserved for the computer. Why? Why? Because of the storage, of course. But with devices that now approach 256 GB of memory, it is much easier to store large files. But Android download managers are not yet that....

Fortunately, this port of Aria2 to Android meets all these needs. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a simpler interface for such a powerful application, which will combine speed with efficiency.

Multiple protocols are accepted, which of course improves download performance, and therefore avoids the loss of valuable data units if you are not connected in Wi-Fi.

Aria2 Android
  • Version 1.34.0
  • Licence Freeware
  • Number of
  • Language logiciel en
  • Type Internet
  • Date Created 11/29/2018
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  • aria2-1.34.0-android-arm-build1.zip(1.34.0)  for Mobile in English Freeware
  • Android (32bits)