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Mobile Access for Outlook OWA  Android

Updated on 08/02/2015
Rating : Rating : 0/5
The application has been tested on Exchange Outlook 2007 and 2010 Office 365 is now supported except for some ADFS Mobile Access for Outlook....
Watch your eyes! Watch your eyes! The Mobile Access for Outlook OWA application is now available on mobile phones and tablets and unfortunately we are far from the application of the century.
In order to successfully use Mobile Access for Outlook OWA without any problems, you must have Android 2.2 or later. With Mobile Access for Outlook OWA, KMC offers us an application that is not really complete! You can use a link to Google Play, don't be surprised to find an.apk file depending on the updates.

It's sad! With a below-average score, this program is among the lowest in its category. KMC will have to make two or three changes if it wants its application to appeal to users.

Mobile Access for Outlook OWA will allow you to stay completely serene! This application has no reservations and can therefore be put in the hands of the whole family.

Finally, there are countless applications that will cost you nothing, Mobile Access for Outlook OWA is undoubtedly one of them.

Mobile Access for Outlook OWA
  • Version 3.4.3
  • Editor KMC
  • Language logiciel fr
  • Type Office Automation
  • Date Created 07/27/2015
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