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  • Transactimo  for download Transactimo Friday June 14 2019 14 June 2019

    Transactimo is a complete online property management tool designed by agency owners for real estate professionals to help them manage their...

  • WinImmobilier for download WinImmobilier Thursday June 13 2019 13 June 2019

    Winimmobilier is a real estate management software for professionals in this sector in order to increase their productivity. This software...

  • Qemotion for download Qemotion Thursday June 13 2019 13 June 2019

    Qemotion is a tool to improve the customer experience by connecting brands with their customers' emotions.

  • KPAM for download KPAM Thursday June 13 2019 13 June 2019

    KPAM is a tool that allows you to measure and model the customer journey based on customer verbatim reports from satisfaction surveys.

  • Horizon for download Horizon Thursday June 13 2019 13 June 2019

    Horizon is a management software for real estate professionals in order to stimulate their activity by offering a high-performance and...


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