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Free software Endpoint Protector Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector works to prevent data loss. Rather than dealing with a partial or total loss of your data (caused by an accident, fire, employee,...

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Software Antivirus and Security most downloaded for Saas

  • Mailinblack


    Mailinblack is an original anti-spam filtering software. Not to mention blocking spam and viruses, it sorts your mail for relevance and ensures that...

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  • Générateur De Mot De Passe

    Générateur De Mot De Passe

    Online software capable of generating efficient, secure and strong passwords. Several checkbox options are available for more chance and complication.

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    1 download
  • Adsense Checker

    Adsense Checker

    Your advertising revenues drop suddenly while the number of visits remains constant. It is possible that your site has been hacked and a hacker has...

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    1 download
  • streamplus live firefox

    streamplus live firefox

    Using streamplus live allows you to enjoy audio video content while browsing the net or chatting, the applications open as a small window that you...

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    1 download

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