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Application de gestion sur-mesure  

Updated on 05/04/2017
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With the tailor-made online application solution CEM XNet / XNet-Apps.com, our professional users, whether you are a company or company (of any size), independent, or an association, benefit from many advantages for the management of their activity with a software tool developed according to your own specific needs:

  • Better collaboration between the various internal and external actors thanks to databases accessible everywhere, all the time
  • Easy monitoring and control
  • Time savings with the semi-automated production of documents (quotes, invoices, contracts, attestations, attendance sheets, etc.) and synthetic data (dashboards, turnover curves, etc.)
  • Efficiency with business processes formalized in the application (fewer errors, no duplication...)
  • Security and peace of mind with backups, archiving and server redundancies

Your application is offered in SaaS mode (hosting by us, rental of access to the service, you remain the owner of all your data) Thanks to a capitalization of development efforts on dozens of very varied projects for more than ten years, we offer you a solution tailor-made for a budget equivalent, or even lower, than a generic software, with most often a formula without costs at the implementation, nor initial development cost, do not hesitate to submit your project to us. We will be happy to discuss it with you.

Application de gestion sur-mesure
  • Licence Demo
  • Editor CEM XNet
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  • Language logiciel fr
  • Type Database
  • Date Created 05/03/2017
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  • Application de gestion sur-mesure
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