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Applications for healthcare professionals in SaaS Health

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Free software Osoft Osoft

Osoft is a medical management software with many modules for specialists, including the gynaecology module.

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  • Dental Office Xpress (DOX)

    Dental Office Xpress (DOX)

    Dental Office Xpress, or DOX, is an IT solution for dentists.

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    1 download
  • Dentisoft Office Cloud Pro

    Dentisoft Office Cloud Pro

    Internationally recognized American dental practice management software

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    1 download
  • Veasy


    Cloud solution for healthcare professionals

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    1 download
  • MLM MonLogicielMedical.com

    MLM MonLogicielMedical.com

    MLM or MyMedicalSoftware.com is a 100% web-based medical software for general practitioners and specialists.

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    1 download

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