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Updated on 12/15/2015
Rating : Rating : 4/5

oTranscribe's interface is intuitive, which simplifies its use. To start a transcription, simply download the audio file you want to work on from the page. The application is compatible with the most popular audio formats such as.mp3,.wav, and.ogg files. Easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts will help you optimize the transcription process. With oTranscribe, when you pause your file and want to resume playback, it resumes two seconds before the initial pause. You will also be able to adjust the speed of sound playback. oTranscribe's word processing remains quite basic but remarkably efficient. In your text, you can even insert a time marker related to the sound you are transcribing. The export of your file can be done in.txt format and you can also save it in your Google Drive

  • Editor Elliot Bentley
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  • Language logiciel multi
  • Type Office Automation
  • Date Created 12/15/2015
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