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Adware Removal Tool by TSA  for Windows

Updated on 12/17/2015
Rating : Rating : 3/5
5.1 Freeware

A portable utility designed specifically to remove invasive toolbars and other adware that can slow down your Internet browsing and make your life miserable. This software makes your computer vulnerable by exposing it to other much more malicious software. Adware Removal Tool can very easily remove these toolbars that infiltrate your browser interfaces (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome). The software is free, it will attack the PUPs on your machine without sparing them and will thoroughly clean your registry if unwanted software keys are hidden in it. Be careful, Adware Removal Tool is not a real-time protection solution. However, it will be very useful if you do not have an antivirus or if the one you have installed fails to remove unwanted toolbars.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA
  • Version 5.1
  • Licence Freeware
  • Editor TSA
  • Number of
  • Language logiciel en
  • Type Antivirus and Security
  • Date Created 12/17/2015
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  • Adware Removal Tool by TSA.exe(5.1)  for Windows in English Freeware
  • Windows 7 (32bits/64bits)
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