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PROMOGES V 3.19  for Windows

Updated on 06/07/2019
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3.19 Shareware

Real Estate Operations Management - Complete Forecasting Solution :

Estimated budgets and cash flow

Management of the operation

  • Price lists
    • Multi-buildings & multi-tranche management
    • VAT rate can be set by the user
    • Automatic calculation of VAT / margin
    • Export to Excel
    • Export in E-mail/pdf
  • Follow-up Purchasers
    • Follow-up of booking options
    • Reserves management
    • Signature management
    • Launch of calls for funds (global or personalized)
    • Quotation management & TMA
    • Reserves tracking --- 2017: addition of reserves entry on tablets
    • Mail (configurable in Word) and e-mail management
    • Ged: Electronic document management
  • Budget monitoring and revisions
    • Transfer of the operation launch budget
    • Entry of one or n revisions.... automatically updating the operation report
  • Supplier follow-up
    • Seizure of Contracts & Amendments
    • Invoice entry & Company situations
    • Payment entry (by bank or by Third Party or Partners)
    • Monitoring of delivery reserves assigned to suppliers
    • Monitoring of approvals (certificates of vigilance, insurance, etc.)
    • Generation of letters & emails
    • Ged (Electronic Document Management)
  • Summary Tables
    • Multi-program price grids
    • Monitoring of security deposits
    • Follow-up of the collection of calls for funds
    • Follow-up of ongoing TMA quotations
    • Booking & sales statistics
    • Trade statistics
    • Automatically updated real estate balance sheet
    • Consumption status of budgets and contracts
    • Cash position at day D
    • Cash flow projection
      • Automatic calculation of the distribution of expenses
      • Automatic calculation of the incoming payments in accordance with the estimated dates of calls for funds
      • Automatic calculation of financial expenses (commitment commission)
      • Automatic calculation of the remuneration of the promoter contributions
      • Automatic calculation of residual vat
      • Graph of the evolution of cash flow
      • Multi-operation consolidation
  • Accounting :
    • Automatic generation of accounting entries with export (optional) to sky, sage, ebp, apisoft, etc
    • Archiving of exports
  • Version 3.19
  • Licence Shareware
  • Number of
  • Language logiciel fr
  • Type Compatibility and Management
  • Date Created 12/07/2016
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