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DOVAX Gestion commerciale  for Windows

Updated on 03/31/2015
Rating : Rating : 3/5 Shareware

The application being composed of 8 modules is totally modular. Based on these modules, it allows the following main tasks to be performed from the unique address books: - Manage the follow-up of your contacts (GRS/GRC) - Make purchase orders - Establish the list or catalogue of services or products offered - Make quotations that can be transformed into orders and invoicing in one click - Make your sales invoices with a possible percentage on progress - ManageMonitor the payment of your purchase and sale invoices - Monitor your cash flow instantly and in real time - Establish your forecast dynamically with the cash flow schedule - Manage your activity with the multiple analysis reports and dashboards available - Share your agenda with your employees - Establish and monitor your expense reports - Monitor the hourly score of your actions and employees by assignment - Produce your personalized letters without even having to need your computer keyboard - Create your reminders of tasks to be performed - Create and edit your work orders - Monitor your equipment fleet - Manage your service contracts - Manage your business with instant analysis of assigned revenue/expenses -...

DOVAX Gestion commerciale
  • Version
  • Licence Shareware
  • Editor DOVAX
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  • Language logiciel fr
  • Type Compatibility and Management
  • Date Created 10/08/2012
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