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Euro'G  for Windows

Updated on 12/06/2012
Rating : Rating : 3/5
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Fast converter from euro to a currency (European or not) and vice versa - direct conversion when entering, - calculator function 4 operations (+,-,/,*,%) - Fixed currencies DM, ESC, £IR, PTA, FF, FB, FLux, FLux, FL, MF, SCH, DR - A modifiable currency (ex: $US or YEN....) - accepts Copy/Paste - Small screen size (preview at 1 scale) - Small disk space (235 KB) - Switch from one currency to another in 2 operations (x FF -> y € <===> z DM for example) - New v1.5 (19/08/2003) : (+) a modifiable currency (such as the dollar for example) and memorization of the value (+) addition of the operation % (percentage) : 100+5% (=105) / 100*50% (=50) (.) Correction of a bug during fast entry (.) Correction of a display bug on the currency label - New v1.4 (07/07/2003) : (+) Added a calculator function (type 0.5+0.5 then[Enter] or another +-/* operation in the € field, displays 6.55957 in the FF field) (.) Fixed an incompatibility bug with Windows 98.

  • Editor L'esprit GOLFY
  • Type Compatibility and Management
  • Date Created 10/10/2001
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