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ERBuilder 1.3.0  for Windows

Updated on 03/20/2019
Rating : Rating : 4/5
1.3.0 Freeware

ERBuilder Data Modeler is a free tool that allows developers to graphically design the most popular SQL databases, including physical models. It also allows:

  • Generation of physical data models.
  • Generation of an unlimited number of tables.
  • Creation of indexes, keys, triggers, stored procedures, views, generators and domains - Script generation for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and Firebird database engines
  • reverse engineering for PostgreSQL,Firebird,MySQL
The software reduces database development errors while improving productivity and simplifying data modeling, and developers can visualize physical model structures to understand their databases, create new databases.It is extremely easy to use and understand, dedicated to both beginners and experts in database modeling.
ER/One provides all the features you would expect from a professional professional database modeling and design tool
ERBuilder 1.3.0
  • Version 1.3.0
  • Licence Freeware
  • Editor soft-builder
  • Number of
  • Language logiciel en
  • Type Database
  • Date Created 09/27/2017
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