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REALbasic Standard pour Windows

Updated on 11/04/2013
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Create software faster, increase your productivity REALbasic is a RAD (Rapid Application Development Environment) that offers developers better productivity than other cross-platform development tools. REALbasic allows you to quickly create your interfaces with simple drag-and-drop and embed code to add power and functionality, and migrate your Visual Basic applications to Linux and Mac OS X REALbasic and Visual Basic are highly compatible. Visual Basic developers are very quickly productive with REALbasic. REALbasic also offers a tool to convert your Visual Basic projects to REALbasic that will allow you to compile for Windows, Mac, and even Linux - with a single click. create native cross platform software REALbasic 2006 works and generates applications for Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XP, Mac OS X and Linux, from a single source code. REALbasic manages the differences between platforms for you, such as user interfaces. Applications developed with REALbasic therefore have a native "look and feel" regardless of the platform on which you have created them: Create powerful applications with databases With REALbasic, create powerful applications using the integrated REAL SQL Database engine, based on the open-source SQLite database engine. Connect to external multi-user databases with REALbasic Professional Edition, create graphics for multimedia applications or games REALbasic manages vector graphics for standard image formats, (such as those usually created with Adobe Illustrator) Use REALbasic's real-time 3D engine to add interactive 3D graphics to your applications and REALbasic's Sprite engine for your animations. An excellent alternative to the other Basic, which allows you to compile your applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. This programming language (and RAD) allows you to create your interface with the mouse, simple access to databases, ideal for management applications, simplified insertion of Web content into your applications.... The interface of the new version has been improved for better productivity (tabbed interface, online help...) ,A Very Best!
REALbasic Standard pour Windows
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  • Date Created 06/27/2005
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