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Notes d'élèves  for Windows

Updated on 08/26/2014
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Student Notes is the free solution to automatically calculate the averages of each student, and the overall average of the class. This Excel file provides a summary table of all subjects and students in the class. All you have to do is note the average of each of them in the corresponding boxes (French, mathematics, history-geography, etc.) and that's it. Student grades will then automatically calculate the average of the student in question.

Student notes will also help you calculate the average for the general class, as well as the average for the class for each subject. The table can be customized by users with the addition of rows for students, or columns for specific subjects such as Economic and Social Sciences, Philosophy, or Technology. Thus, the Excel Student Notes file can be used by primary school teachers, but also by secondary school and high school teachers.

Exemple de relevé de notes d'une classe de 5ème
Example of a transcript of marks for a 5th grade class

Notes d'élèves
  • Licence Freeware
  • Editor logitheque
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  • Language logiciel fr
  • Type Education
  • Date Created 01/03/2010
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