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Mario Kart Tour pour Android

Updated on 05/22/2019
Rating : Rating : 5/5

Fans asked for it for a long time, Nintendo finally heard them. The publisher's famous car game is finally released on smartphones!

Mario Kart Tour Android takes exactly the same universe and characters as the famous Mario Kart game. But this time, the game, which is Free to Play, does not offer all the participants at the start. As in other games, you will have to win lottery draws to enrich and improve your bestiary with characters, such as Luigi, Bowser and others, more or less rare. Be aware that in addition, the ultra rare characters are also much more powerful than the others and should win more races...

MKT is played vertically: All the classic circuits are on board, and some gameplay options are automatic. Nintendo has therefore opted for casual rather than technique, and will therefore satisfy both the young audience and the purists....

For the moment, the game is in Beta phase. It is expected this year, but the release is expected after May. The first testers will give you the information in due course, but our little finger tells us that you should stay alert and follow our news regularly...

In the meantime, practice to be ready for the release of this long-awaited game.

Mario Kart Tour pour Android
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  • Editor Nintendo
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  • Language logiciel multi
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  • Date Created 02/01/2018
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