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Fleppy  for Windows

Updated on 12/06/2012
Rating : Rating : 3/5
Card game for young and old requiring good visual memory, strategy and luck.
  • Licence Freeware
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  • Language logiciel fr
  • Type Games
  • Date Created 06/24/2002
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  • Fleppy
    Clue Memory

    This memory game offers two game modes: classic cards or Cluedo cards including 8 characters and 8 weapons from the board game.

    • Download : 356 downloads
    • Licence Freeware
    • Version 1.0
  • Fleppy
    Easy MEMO Standard

    Easy MEMO Standard is a memory game in which you have to find pairs of cards as quickly as possible. It includes a multiplayer mode and a single-player mode in which the computer is the opponent. The game offers visual cards or

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    • Licence Freeware
  • Fleppy
    JeMeSouviens Version 1

    FREE - Improve your immediate memory with 2 short exercises

    • Download : 401 downloads
  • Fleppy

    Classic memory game (4*5 squares), to play alone or in pairs, customizable at will with images or text (font and customizable colors).

    • Download : 880 downloads
    • Licence Freeware
    • Version 1.91
  • Fleppy
    Memory games

    A simple game to improve your visual memory.

    • Download : 802 downloads
    • Licence Freeware
    • Version 2.1
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  • Fleppy for Windows in French Freeware
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