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Memoire  for Windows

Updated on 12/06/2012
Rating : Rating : 3/5
This software is no longer available for download. Back to sub-category Memory Games >>
A small game of visual memory whose purpose is to find the hidden shapes that will be eliminated by two. in case Memory does not suit you it is included an uninstall program.
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  • Date Created 08/21/2001
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  • Memoire
    Clue Memory

    This memory game offers two game modes: classic cards or Cluedo cards including 8 characters and 8 weapons from the board game.

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    • Version 1.0
  • Memoire
    Easy MEMO Standard

    Easy MEMO Standard is a memory game in which you have to find pairs of cards as quickly as possible. It includes a multiplayer mode and a single-player mode in which the computer is the opponent. The game offers visual cards or

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  • Memoire
    JeMeSouviens Version 1

    FREE - Improve your immediate memory with 2 short exercises

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  • Memoire

    Classic memory game (4*5 squares), to play alone or in pairs, customizable at will with images or text (font and customizable colors).

    • Download : 880 downloads
    • Licence Freeware
    • Version 1.91
  • Memoire
    Memory games

    A simple game to improve your visual memory.

    • Download : 803 downloads
    • Licence Freeware
    • Version 2.1
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