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Free software Dashlane Dashlane

Dashlane is a software that allows you to store all the passwords you need for yourself. All you need to do is memorize the master password and use...

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  • Tor Browser

    Tor Browser

    Tor Browser is a web browser dedicated to those who care about their privacy on the web. By default, the browser integrates modules and...

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  • Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp 2.70.31755

    Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp 2.70.31755

    Téléchargez, visualisez et décryptez l'historique de WhatsApp sur les téléphones Android et iOS. L'outil acquiert automatiquement les bases de...

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  • MinorityScreen


    Send text, links or files to other computers by dragging and dropping them on the edges of the screen, for example, on an open space, to quickly...

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  • Microsoft Edge Chromium

    Microsoft Edge Chromium

    The Edge web browser is starting from scratch and is now developed with Chromium. The browser is now downloadable and accessible to everyone on the...

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Software Internet most downloaded for Windows

  • Dialogue


    Small software allowing dialogue between workstations in the same network. Allows you to have two conversations with two different stations at the...

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  • Comment Client for WordPress Pro

    Comment Client for WordPress Pro

    Administrate multiple WordPress blogs easier and more efficiently with Comment Client for WordPress Pro. Every feature from the WordPress dashboard...

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  • Comment Client for WordPress

    Comment Client for WordPress

    Manage WordPress blogs easier with free Comment Client for WordPress. View, edit, delete, and moderate comments without opening a Web browser. No...

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  • OLFolderSync


    With OLFolderSync, you can synchronize each Microsoft® Outlook® folder with other people. The synchronization of the opened Outlook folders will...

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Finally, software and internet applications. With technological progress, surfing the web is no longer enough. There is now the possibility to navigate more easily and especially more quickly with the software in this "Internet" section. In addition, many software programs make it more accessible to download and retrieve videos, photos or other specific data.

Download accelerators, e-mail, site vacuum cleaners.... are making their appearance. Software created to provide the most comfortable browsing on the Internet. These software can be used for social networks, Youtube or Skype, among others. It is now possible to record calls on Skype in audio and video format with software such as Replay Telecorder or Free Videos Call Recorder for Skype. There are browsers that allow you to create and modify almost all Windows® applications (Dragon Naturally Speaking Standard) "with voice"; and all this with optimal security and a user-friendly interface. And television is no exception; we can now watch television and listen to thousands of radio channels from anywhere in the world and even record their broadcasts.

These Internet Softwares offer a wide comfort of navigation for its user. Those designed for social networks, for example, allow you to chat without using a browser and stay in touch with your friends in any way. Mail applications also facilitate the automatic classification of mails and their programming. This allows us to customize mail flows down to the smallest detail.

In conclusion, Internet software has been designed to meet certain demands in the field of Internet navigation. But beyond that, they offer the possibility of a total customization of the navigation. It should be noted that downloading these software is very easy and most often free.

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