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GMAIL  for Windows

Updated on 12/28/2017
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Gmail or Google Mail is a popular mailbox with a very easy to access login interface. This version is the browser accessible version, just click on the button to get to the right page and access its archived messages.

The Gmail Account is also used for Google Plus, Youtube, Google Docs and the whole galaxy of Google products to use for free. To connect to Gmail, it's easy, all you need is the address and password. It will also be possible to add a telephone number for double identification.

Essential to enjoy the Google ecosystem. More webmails on our article!

  • Version 2
  • Editor Google Tld
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  • Language logiciel fr
  • Type Internet
  • Date Created 11/02/2015
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    Thunderbird is a completely free email client with powerful and intuitive features. It allows you to replace Outlook advantageously if you do not want to purchase the Office suite.

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    Wavebox is a software that includes several services that are usually only usable on the Internet. Among them are email clients, office automation tools and many others.

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    Postbox is a very complete and customizable email client that will adapt to the needs of users. It has a lot of qualities to highlight such as its improved interface or its mailing creation tools.

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    Microsoft Outlook 2019

    In Microsoft's office suite, Outlook is an essential tool. This email management tool also acts as a calendar and makes it easy to schedule appointments and tasks.


    Mailspring is a software that allows you to manage your mails easily. The interface offers many tools to easily manage incoming mail and to unify all the mailboxes you have.

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