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FlySpeed SQL Query  for Windows

Updated on 06/29/2015
Rating : Rating : 4/5 Shareware

Create SQL queries easily with a visual query builder. FlySpeed SQL Query allows database developers to build complex queries in a simple graphical way. Compatible with multiple databases, FlySpeed SQL Query can perform queries on multiple servers and platforms without requiring SQL knowledge. Viewing and analyzing results is easy with the ability to print results or export data. Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, and Microsoft Access, the new visual SQL query builder supports all SQL languages in these databases. The SQL query tool provides queries in a correct syntax for each database supported in a fully visual way. By building the query, developers have convenient access to the data. It is easy to see or change any data from the visual data builder. Viewing and analyzing the results of each query is also easy thanks to FlySpeed SQL Query's many export capabilities in Excel, CSV, HTML, and XML formats for easy analysis, or printing offline viewing results. The PDF export module allows you to send a report without printing it. FlySpeed SQL Query is essential for new users and developers who will find the SQL visual query builder easy to learn and use, and for professional developers who will appreciate the time and productivity savings and benefit from the integrated text editor. Not sure if you should try FlySpeed SQL Query? The free trial version without printing and export options is free to use and does not expire.

FlySpeed SQL Query
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  • Date Created 06/29/2015
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