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Free software GFA-BASIC 32 Version 2.56 - 2019 GFA-BASIC 32 Version 2.56 - 2019

GFA-BASIC 32 allows full access to all APIs, the ability to use DLL files (and therefore to program with DirectSound and OpenGL among others), to...

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  • Visual Studio 2019 Professional

    Visual Studio 2019 Professional

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Professional Edition is a comprehensive set of tools that help developers turn ideas into reality faster.

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  • Scratch


    Scratch is a new programming language that facilitates the creation of interactive stories, cartoons, games, musical compositions, digital...

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  • Android Studio

    Android Studio

    Android Studio is a software for developers. It allows the programming and creation of Android applications by being able to observe the codes and...

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  • VintaSoftTwain ActiveX Control

    VintaSoftTwain ActiveX Control

    VintaSoftTwain ActiveX can control your desktop or handheld scanner, digital camera, web camera or any other source that supports the TWAIN standard.

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Software Programming most downloaded for Windows

  • Pyzo


    A distribution that simplifies your use of Python. Easy to use, it also offers many included modules.

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  • Doc Convertor

    Doc Convertor

    Quickly and easily print and convert your documents with Doc Convertor (30+ formats supported). Convert your documents to PDF, Excel, images and more!

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  • CryptoSharp Security Library

    CryptoSharp Security Library

    Speed up .NET development and create secure and trouble-free code. CryptoSharp Security Library provides complete data security throughout your .NET...

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  • wodSSH.NET


    Client component for MS.NET framework that provides support for communication with remote console-type services. It allows you to communicate...

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The world of programming and graphics is currently experiencing tangible technological developments, both in the design and in the development of the program itself. Thanks to existing programming software, it is now possible for everyone to design a program with much more ease. Whether professionals or programming enthusiasts, these software products support the user in every step of his work and provide the most remarkable quality in terms of results.

For the photographer, it is possible to improve and optimize the visual quality of his shots as much as possible: design files under RAW instead of JPG with tools like HDRAW in a few clicks, using the Tone Mapping technique, allowing to preserve all the details captured by the shutter. The Skater.NET Obfuscator tool, for example, is one of the tools that protects.NET source code. Intended mainly for software developers and creators, this application scrambles the source code without affecting the performance of your program. AutoPlay Media Studio is one of the free software for students, a development tool for programmers, open-source. It allows to create interactive multimedia applications and Windows software, in a visual environment with a scripting language.

Beginners, advanced? you want to develop a mini 2D strategy game and you get tired of writing pseudo-alogrithms, then you change, you abandon these tedious searches! Maybe your games won't get moldy at the corner of the disc, because maybe it's these magical APIs that will do the work about solving. These APIs are responsible for tracking solutions automatically and quickly. Solving function (solution from point A to B), avoiding (avoidance) and VEC (Virtual Electric Consumption) support.

The software in this "programming" section is therefore designed to facilitate the creation and programming of applications or other programs themselves. These allow programmers and designers to be more productive, from animation to photography. Thus, becoming a programmer is no longer a child's dream.

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