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Free software Double Commander Double Commander

Double Commander is a free dual panel file manager inspired by the famous Total Commander.

LAST SELECTION Utilities for Windows

  • SysTools PDF Unlocker 3.2

    SysTools PDF Unlocker 3.2

    Utilisez ce logiciel PDF Unlocker et supprimez les restrictions des documents PDF. Activer les permissions de fichiers PDF comme la copie,...

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  • Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.05.31064

    Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.05.31064

    Access protected backups of BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and iPod! The software uses GPU acceleration and advanced dictionary attacks to recover an...

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  • Duplicate Media Finder

    Duplicate Media Finder

    Duplicate Media Finder compares files based on their content. Thus, he will be able to put your media library in order by finding similar photos,...

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  • System Mechanic Free

    System Mechanic Free

    System Mechanic Free assure l'entretien et la réparation complète des fenêtres à l'aide d'outils de pointe brevetés. Il fonctionne pour...

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Software Utilities most downloaded for Windows

  • Kon-Boot


    Allows the user to bypass the authentication process on Windows based systems, the password is short-circuited and is not deleted.

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  • FixWin 10

    FixWin 10

    FixWin 10 is a utility that will allow you to solve in a few clicks the different bugs present in Windows 10.

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  • Odin


    Are you interested in flashing your Samsung phone? This is now possible thanks to Odin which is a tool to replace a ROM installed on a Samsung mobile.

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  • GUI FAT32 Format

    GUI FAT32 Format

    GUI FAT32 is a simple and efficient tool for formatting hard disks. It will allow you to format volumes of more than 32GB.

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Utilities: Useful software!

The existence of many utility software programs can currently improve the navigation and operation of your computer. The software in this section is designed to meet the demands for comfort and assurance in performing the user's tasks on his or her computer.

Nothing will be lost anymore with the DiskGetorDataRecovery utility for example, because it allows you to recover deleted files (World, Excel, DWG, CAD, Videos, Zip, etc...) or even to recover deleted files with Shift + Delete. Very interesting when you know that programs like D-Koup allow you to cut large files to put them on floppy disk. The choice is even given on the size of the pieces created (60Kb, 713Kb, 1.38Mb, 100Mb and 650Mb). If the choices offered do not suit you, it is possible to define a custom size. It is also allowed to compress the contents of a folder - and sub-folders - into a single self-extracting "archive" file, even if they are protected by passwords (ARCFolder).

More software, less stress

Computer troubleshooting solutions are also available (DriveClone6Pro for example) to restore, backup data on PCs, for those who are often faced with data loss, system crashes or even accidental file deletion or virus attack. Similarly, utilities that display the keyboard on the screen; this can be useful for people with disabilities, as well as customizing the configuration of his keyboard keys (Azerty, BillVirtualKeyboard).

There are utilities that allow you to create an AUTORUN.INF file, necessary for automatically starting an application on a CD (ED-inf FR/US/DE), which also makes it easier to easily configure the choice of CD drive icon or configure the context menu.

Utilities offer full customization of computer use. These are software and applications specially designed to meet specific requirements and provide easy access to many other applications.

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